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Copter Lift

Do you love challenges and addictive games? "Copter Lift" is just for you. Easy to learn, but hard to master. Get as high as possible and don’t forget to collect all the stars. Copter will change the direction immediately after touching a star. Looks easy? Wait a moment, not only interesting levels and hard twists are waiting for you. Winds and rains will make your journey more interesting. 50 levels to achieve and 3 aircrafts to unlock for the main goal. Later we will add more aircrafts and levels, but now take a challenge with your friends, collect all badges such as “Death finger”, “Vampire nights”, “Racer”, etc. and show to all of us how strong you are. But if you struggle, grab the tools to help you.

"Copter Lift" - whats your height?

"Copter Lift" Application

No Mosquito - Insect Repellent

We would like to present to you our innovative and stylish anti-mosquito tone generator app with a smart frequency selector and auto noise function. This app works in the background mode when the iPhone is locked and therefore consumes no additional power! Best of all, this app is adapted for iOS8 and is universal app for iPhone and iPad!

"No Mosquito!" Application
We wanted to create a tool that can translate photos into your feelings. In our app, you can edit text and frames like you want – in a freer style! It all depends only on your mood. Save slides into various slideshows and show them to your family and friends directly from your iPad or stream through the AirPlay service. Add pictures to the slides to change the frames.
Add any desired text below, as well as descriptions and titles so that your presentation will display more vivid emotions. Just with a few clicks, share the moments with your friends via Email, Facebook, Twitter or other service providers.

"Flying Frames" Application

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